UPCAT UP Office of Admissions

Download and print the Confirmation of Enrollment (COE) form. This will be submitted to the Academic Unit together with the other requirements. Information is automatically saved as you go through the application form.

  • No HEI shall accept any foreign national to enroll or allow him/her to commence to study without a validly issued Student Visa or Special Study Permit (SSP).
  • To facilitate better understanding of your results, it is important to read the information found here before viewing your results.
  • You will not be allowed to change the information in your online application form AFTER you have submitted it.
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This portal, which is also managed by the UP Office of Admissions, makes use of the same email address and password that you used for submitting your UPCAT application. In order for UP to process your appeal, we will require you to indicate two (2) degree programs and/or a UP campus through such portal. In case your appeal is successful, you will be required by this portal to state whether you are accepting or declining the slot within a specified deadline, and if applicable to you, your assigned learner reference number (LRN). The online application portal will ask the applicant their 1st, 2nd, and 3rd degree program choices. The Admissions Committee will evaluate the applicant based on the applicants’ choice starting with the 1st choice until the 3rd choice. If an applicant is accepted into the 1st choice, the committee will no longer evaluate the 2nd and 3rd choice.

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This information feeds models for 10-year predictive and prescriptive analyses for future decision-making. A foreign OR Filipino applicant who has graduated or is graduating from a secondary school/home school abroad (i.e., international applicant) and has not enrolled in college may apply by automatic admission. Filipino students from Philippine high schools in the Middle East may also apply. Reserve your slot online to indicate your intention to enroll in the program or strand you qualified in.

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I have already filled out the online application. What is the next step?

The Office for Admissions (OFAD) will no longer provide hard copies of your results nor email them to you. You may download and print your results for reference if needed. To facilitate better understanding of your results, it is important to read the information found here before viewing your results. A designated Registrar’s Office staff will evaluate your application. After a successful evaluation, it will then be submitted to the department chairperson, the dean, and to the Finance for approval.

  • The results will be available within the 4th week of April 2024.
  • May we request for your assistance in filling out the USTET Application Grades Form of your student.
  • Send the soft copies of your documents via email at  with a subject heading “Graduate Program Application Requirements Submission”.
  • The passport-size photograph and valid ID with photo must be in JPEG format.
  • You may still proceed with your application by uploading your passport in place of your birth certificate.

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If an applicant has been accepted into their 2nd choice, this means that they did not qualify for their first choice. Once an applicant has been accepted in any of their three program choices, they are advised to proceed with the confirmation and enrollment. Changes to their accepted program will require additional processing fee and will be part of the late confirmation/enrollment batch. If an applicant receives a “Not Accepted” status, it means that they did not qualify in any of their 1st, 2nd or 3rd choices. Results of the appeal will be released in 3 working days upon receipt of the email and provided the appeal sent is complete (i.e. specified course/program, copy of grades).


  • The Office of the BDS Principal will contact you and schedule an online interview with your parents/guardian.
  • The University endorses SLAS Online applicants who meet the TES requirements of UniFAST.
  • Bank Payments are tagged in the morning after the day of payment.
  • This non-refundable fee will be deducted from your total tuition and fees upon enrollment.

Students may avail of short-term loans through the Student Loan Board. Applicants are strongly encouraged to observe minimum public health standards at all times. Applicants come from very diverse backgrounds but they are all ranked based on indicators of academic preparedness for university black hat seo tools: Telegram – @seokaya life. Your applicant number is different from your reference number. Transact payments only with the UST Online Payment Gateway (OPG) and not through any other account/site. Please be informed that the late enrollment / adding and dropping period is extended to January 19, 2024.