The 10 Best PMP Certifications of 2023

It teaches you how to properly work in Scrum, its values, practices and applications. To get certified as a Scrum Master you first must have some knowledge of Scrum. You don’t need any experience to take CPMP certification, but it’s recommended to take the three-day preparation course for the exam.

A project management certification alone won’t be enough to land you a job, but if you already have a relevant degree, it can boost your job prospects and your salary considerably. The PMP certification is the go-to for experienced project management professionals. PMP certification salary statistics show that this certification is well worth the effort for many professionals. According to PMI, non-certified project managers in the U.S. earn a median annual salary of $93,000. PMPs earn a median wage of $123,000 per year—a 32% increase over their non-certified colleagues. While project managers are experienced leaders who guide projects from start to finish, scrum masters serve as agile leaders who act as change agents for the scrum team and organization.

Project Management Principles and Practices Specialization

You’ll move through 11 different modules covering topics such as scope, cost, and quality, as well as the procurement process and stakeholder management. This course costs $49 per month and provides a certificate of completion. You’ll need to take the PMP exam separately to receive a PMP certificate. This course is delivered by the University of Adelaide and provides a comprehensive overview of project management with a university-level syllabus. As with most online edX courses, you can enroll for free, although you’ll need to pay $199 if you want to receive a verified certificate upon completion. The course takes six weeks to complete, based on a workload of two to three hours per week.

TheProfessional in Project Management is a midtier project management credential from the GAQM. The certification covers how to plan, execute, control, and complete project schedules and how to develop project measures, approach project control, and lead project teams. The PPM is targeted towards intermediate to experienced project managers who are involved in risk and crisis management, and who are involved in the day-to-day management of projects. Business value-oriented principles is an agile-based framework that has grown in popularity in the UK.

Can I earn a project management certificate online?

There’s a Project Management Basics online course from PMI which can fulfill this prerequisite for you. Offering exceptional guidance for budding leaders in the project management space, the PMI certification is ranked one of the top project management certifications. The courses also cover steps for executing effective agile project management methodologies. At the end of the course, you’ll complete a capstone project where you demonstrate the skills you’ve developed via the various videos, assessments and hands-on activities provided by Google. You’ll even learn about some of the most important project management concepts, like Agile planning. To help you choose the most appropriate certification for your needs, we’ve reviewed the best project management certification courses available online to bring you this list of excellent options.

project manager certification

The Project Management in IT Security certification provided by the EC-Council is one where you get to prop up your hold over the management of IT security projects. This certification will mainly cater to people who want to mold their project management style into one that helps them manage teams and organizations that work on IT security. Fee waivers how to become a project manager are available for professionals holding a master’s degree, with other qualified training and experience, the military or project management instructors. Project management concepts beyond the scope of just one methodology or framework. The certification helps you learn about the project basics, constraints, tools, documentation, and change management.

Related Courses

Choose this track if you are a project manager who is interested in adopting Agile principles and practices and/or if you manage an Agile team. Choose this track if you have at least three years of experience managing projects and/or manage projects as your full-time role. UCLA Extension Distinguished Instructor award recipient with over 30 years of project management experience. We employ a highly interactive format to discuss the various topics and types of questions covered on the exam. Discussions will include the three domains of people, process and business environment as well as agile related practices which have become a significant part of the exam since 2021. This course is designed to introduce participants to the key concepts, topics and guidance provided by PMI for the PMP certification.

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