How To Pass the CPA Exam 17 CPA Study Tips

So that was one of the other big realizations I had is like, okay, I need to build in rereview to my daily study process. And I would study a little bit differently on the weekends. As you may know, you need a score of 75 to pass each part of the CPA exam. Unless your goal is to earn the Elijah Watt Sells Award, it’s an utter waste of time to score more than 75. Once you pass the CPA exam, nobody cares what you scored. Preparation for the exam, however, is a different story.

Under preparing will result in poor performance, and failure means more time spent registering, traveling, and testing. Over preparing will consume your time and can cause information to become dated as the CPA Exam changes. The CPA Exam Blueprint, an outline of the topics that can appear on the CPA Exam, includes representative tasks that the AICPA has determined are critical for newly licensed CPAs to understand.

How to Pass the CPA Exam in 20 Days

It was much more effective, much more efficient, obviously. So if you have like, you know, let’s say today I finished less than 10, hypothetically less than 10 different review courses structure their lessons and their numbering way different. But say today I finished less than 10, meaning in the last few weeks I’ve gone through lessons one through nine. I would generate 30 questions from lessons one through 10. And then tomorrow, if I spend the 90 minutes going through lesson eleven, then that would save the last half hour and generate 30 questions from lessons one through eleven. And then the next day you sit down, plow through another four hours of brand new material, and that just pushes out everything you studied yesterday, essentially.

Over-studying is really no better than under-studying and both can return a similar result come test time. Now that you have admitted you have a problem, you need to prevent it from doing any more damage to your goals. Science tells us it takes our brains just under 70 days to create a good habit. Schedule your study time in half-hour or hour-long sessions with a short break every minutes. Your break should serve to restore your energy, not zap it. Stay away from activities that drag you down emotionally.

Can you retake a CPA Exam in two weeks and pass?

In this e-course, I’ll share even more information and tips on passing the CPA Exam on the first time. Click on the link that best describes your status to get started. Can you pass all CPA exams in 6 months while working? Honestly, I won’t recommend trying to pass the CPA Exam in 20 days.

Does the CPA Exam get harder if you are doing well?

Multi-Stage Testing:

If you perform well on the first testlet you will receive a more difficult second testlet; while those who do not perform well on the first testlet will receive a second medium difficulty testlet. The difficulty of your third testlet will depend on your performance within the first two testlets.

Being ready means you will need to persevere in the face of many challenges vying for your time and attention. Friends may ask you to go out on evenings when you are planning to study. Telling your friends you will catch up after your studies means you are placing greater emphasis on passing the CPA exam in the future than you are on having fun now. You will find that when you make decisions to persevere, the people around you will recognize it.

Tips to Pass Faster eBook

Watching TV is more like hibernation than it is a recharge. It’s okay to escape into something mindless, just be sure it’s filling you back up with positive energy to give you the boost to start over again the next day. Time-management and project management are key skills for accountants to possess. By including multiple time limits on the CPA Exam, the AICPA tests your ability to manage time and maintain accuracy and focus. Since only the final testlet of BEC has WCs, you’ll need to plan your time allocation around the increased time these questions can require. On the CPA Exam, Multiple-Choice Questions contain a question stem and four answer choices.

  • If you did poorly on a couple practice exams early on but are showing improvement, there’s less cause for concern than if you were doing well and started to decline.
  • Even though the CPA Exam first-time pass rate is fairly low, you can pass all four CPA sections with some preparation.
  • I get to the or this is how my first attempt ends.
  • And that mistake was, you know, you do these, but the final practice, practice exams and the review course kind of spits back out your weak areas.
  • Or, you can use the one that might be included in your CPA review course.
  • The CPA Exam was originally designed in 1917 as a test for membership to the Institute of Public Accountants (the organization that would eventually become the AICPA).

However, I recommend taking the sections in this order. This is an important decision because the requirements for the CPA license in each jurisdiction can vary. So, you’ll want to learn about the CPA requirements per state. There was a proposal to extend the credit period by an additional 24 months, but the NASBA board instead elected to approve a 12-month extension to 30 months.

How Brandon Used Re-Review to Pass His CPA Exams

If you approach these situations with a solid game plan, you can recover and pass. The first thing you should do when you find your pace slowing on a difficult question is to flag the question. This way, if you need to come back to the question later, you can. Are there any choices that you know for a fact cannot be the right answer? If you can narrow your choices down to 2 possible answers, go ahead and choose the best of those 2 and move on. This 50/50 approach will prevent these difficult questions from stealing more of your time; time that will be needed to correctly answer other questions.

pass cpa exam in 3 months

You are going to war against an onslaught of questions. You win the war when you get enough points to pass. Walk into the exam room on test day ready to wage your battle with confidence. For example, if you see your weight going up, you might analyze your caloric intake, the number of steps you took the previous week, or the number of hours you spent in the gym exercising. Well, if it might take 610 hours to study for all four sections, and you have 24 weeks to study, that breaks down to just over 25 hours per week. That equals studying just over 3 ½ hours per day to pass the CPA Exam all 4 sections within 6 months.

What would normally be a place to spend free time may come to be seen as a distraction. Old interests may become complete detours and dream-killing dead ends. If you want to achieve something like passing the CPA exam, visualize the end result and work daily to make progress. While some say, “nothing ventured, nothing gained”, you might want to consider, something written, something gained. Having an end goal of passing the CPA exam is great, but it’s too large of a task and since it is not defined by smaller, attainable goals, it leaves a lot of room for failure. There are way too many moving parts to passing the CPA exam and the only real way to succeed is to break that large goal down into daily action and achievements.

So anyways, I take the test, get to the simulations. The simulations just seem ridiculously hard, even though I’ve gone through a lot of the practice simulations from my review course. Then I leave and then it’s a few weeks before I get my score back.

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