Top 11 Help Desk Certifications

Its CompTIA A+ course is designed to teach participants the basic skills they’ll need for an IT or customer service career. This includes a breakdown of the help desk tools they can expect to see when working in a support role. In this program, you will prepare for the role of an entry-level IT Support Specialist.

And at this point, you might start to think about help desk certification for your tech staffers. Overall, obtaining your CCNA certification can be a great way to advance your career in networking technology and open up new opportunities for yourself. The cost of becoming an ACSP varies depending on where you register for the program but typically ranges from $500-$1200 USD including exam fees.

Certified Instrumentation Specialist (CIS)

The HDI-DST certification demonstrates that the individual has the expertise to troubleshoot, diagnose, and resolve desktop technology issues. It typically takes about 4 to 6 months to complete the HDI-CSR certification program. Candidates must first register for the program online through the HDI website.

  • Help desk specialists are most often promoted to a network technician position.
  • Having a help desk certification can also give individuals an edge over other job applicants when seeking promotions or raises within the same organization.
  • Customer service skills are equally as important as your ability to solve for the customer in this role.
  • Furthermore, candidates learn how to answer client calls and use remote management tools.

Anyone interested in expanding their Service Desk knowledge, whether they are new or experienced team managers or supervisors. By allowing your organization to formally assess the capability of your IT service and support function through our thorough auditing process you are able to identify areas and methods for improvement. It challenges you to look afresh at your IT service operation, examining what you deliver and how. In this article, we will define why MSPs might need certifications, overview the most popular ones, and discuss when you definitely need a certificate, and when you are better off with in-house training. Whether you’re a recent graduate or seasoned tech specialist, preparing for and attaining a certification is a great way to expand your skill set, impress prospective employers and stand out from the crowd. The trend toward remote and hybrid teams has created extra responsibilities for IT departments, many of which are expanding.

Advancing Zero Trust with Privileged Access Management (PAM)

The focus of this course is on how to help a customer with professionalism. It teaches you how to answer their inquiries and complaints, even invalid questions. The instructors of this program are Rav Ahuja, Amy Norton, and Skills Network. He is an expert in data science, cloud, and solutions for AI and blockchain.

  • As Apple devices become more common in enterprise environments, demand for Apple knowledge may also increase.
  • Paying your dues in the help desk likely enabled you to refine your soft skills and gain experience.
  • This help desk certification is also beneficial for individuals with knowledge of CompTIA A+.
  • Prerequisites include CompTIA A+ and CompTIA Network+ certifications, along with 12 months of Linux admin experience.

Here’s our list of the best certifications available to Help Desks today. If you work in a more advanced IT support capacity, you might want to look into IT specialization certificates. Employers will be able to see that you can help desk certifications manage advanced networks if you acquire the CCNA. With the combination of the Google IT Support Professional Certificate and the CompTIA A+ certification, Google and CompTIA have teamed forces to assist people entering into IT.

Advanced Computer System Security

A reputable certification says something about your willingness to work and excel. Being a subject matter expert gives you a leg up and benefits your employer as well. They don’t have to worry about spending more time training you; you can get right to the job.

best help desk certifications

Thus, if your team prefers a different software, single lessons can be paid for. This is cost-efficient and ensures the right training for maximum efficiency. The are made up of diverse courses that let your staff attain good knowledge on how to provide the best support experience to customers.

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